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Monday to Friday-Country music 24hrs


Saturday-Country music until 7pm. The forgotten years 7pm to midnight, (playing music from yester-year.)


Sunday-Country music from midnight to 7am. Children’s radio stories 7am to 8am then more country music.

About us

Hi my name is Louis and I am the Owner/Operator of Mooseradio. We have been on air since August 2009 On our community hobby radio we play mainly country music with shows called the Forgotten years and Children’s stories.

At the moment the shows are made up from generated playlists.

The Forgotten years is a show where we play music from yester year or music you have not heard for a long time.

Our radio station is based in Ashburton, New Zealand and operate as a low powered radio, which means we are not allowed to transmit as far as the commercial radio stations do. Mainly we can only be picked up in the Ashburton town area on 87.6 FM.

As we are a low powered radio, some household radios or stereos may require an external antenna to pick us up.

For programme details go to our shows page.

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